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Hammock Time

I was just getting photos ready to send to Jessica (hint, hint, wink, wink) and found this great one of Mike trying to sneak in some hammock time.


Water Cycle Game

Anyone know where they got the dice and stuff for the water cycle game we played?

I was telling a den leader friend at work about it, but we couldn't find anything that matched it (several that were similar) on the internet.


Brooks of Experience

In the words of a great naturalist . . .
"If I cast into one side of the balance all that I have learned from the books of the library and into the other everything that I have gleaned from the 'books in the running brooks,' how surely would the latter turn the scales."
-Konrad Z. Lorenz, King Solomon's Ring
Many thanks to all those who provided many "brooks" of experience this week . . . I'm still trying to comprehend it all and I'm sure I will be applying much of it in the weeks to come. What a tremendous experience!

Arrow of Light Ideas????

Hello 2 all,

I am needing to plan an arrow of light ceremony...please help!!!! I am open to and and all ideas that have worked for you. It will be for our September pack meeting.Thanks to all in advance!!!

Sunflowers and Butterflies

No one will be able to look at a sunflower or butterfly without thinking about AC24!! I Know!

Did you notice the sunflowers on your drive home?

Thank you everyone for a fantastic week.
now its time for some much needed sleep.

That's what I'm talking about!!


Don't forget to send me your pictures! I can't wait to get them all compiled. Here's to a normal sleep filled week. Yours in scouting,


Glad y'all made it home!!!!

Just wanted a way for all of us to continue to educate one another, especially myself out here in rural utah. You are all able to post and comment to any blog...thank you all for a wonderful week, please check back often to help and learn from one another.