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Texas is on the way home.

We didn't make it in time to see the Alamo. We took the river tour on the river walk and had a return missionary as our tour guide. The picture from yesterday is at the Shed where we had lunch. Today the pictures are from San Antonio.


Family Road Trip

My family is on a road trip across the US. If any of you are interested or just bored check out the blog

Loertscher Family Road Trip

We have had lots of fun in South Dakota and Wisconsin so far. Headed for Ohio, Pennsylvania, and D.C in the next few days. Then down the coast to Florida. We will come home a southern route. Anyway this is why I won't be doing any camps this summer.


Neckerchief Slides and Resourcefulness

Milk jug handles! You cut them into about 3 circles and use them for the back of neckerchief slides . . . overheard this one at Roundtable and just used it. Amazing . . . and FREE!!! Cub Scout happy dance.


Construction at Maple Dell

It was great seeing everyone at the AC24 reunion. I will be seeing some of you again this summer and I hope to see all of you again someday. Scouting is a great program to help our youth. I hope you will continue to use the skills you have learned at Akela's Council to help many more boys become outstanding men. With any luck they will grow up to appreciate there experience and give back like the young men in the following story in the Deseret News.

You may have seen these young men all over Maple Dell the day of our reunion. I drove all the way through camp to the top before the reunion and it was quite a site to see so many construction crews working on pavilions, camp sites, roofs etc. I had a chance to talk to a couple and they were eager to help out and were confident that they would be able to fix the camp up. Way to go guys.


Sandie's Pin Ceremony

Sandie Lester is receiving her pin at her Round Table on May 7th at 7:30pm in Delta. If anyone is interested in coming, it would be fun to have you there. Does anyone have an address?


Remember all of those kids running around camp and the cars constantly going up and down the road at AC24. Well in case you weren't aware they were filming a movie called "Scout Camp". Here is the link for their web site. It has a trailer but the release date isn't available yet. It doesn't look as bad as I though it might. Check it out.



AC 24 Reunion is a week a way!

The reunion is coming up in a week. I hope everyone will be able to make it. It is going to be great to see you all. Are you coming? What are you bringing for the pot luck? Did you finish your treaties? What have you been up to? I guess I will find out next Saturday. Make sure you are wear you uniform. See you on the mountain.

PS if you are on facebook look for the Akela's Council group and find all of our friends.



I finished all of my treaties. Yeah! Who do I report that to and how? Hope everyone is doing great. My other big scout dream- a new pinewood derby track after 40 years is coming true. I finally found the right person to bug. They ordered it this week. The boys are going to love it.



Where do we find the patches that you were all sportin on your uniforms at camp?? I was at the scout office in Provo and all I could see was the dinosaur ones...or are they not avaliable to us. Just a wondering....Thanks