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Multi-Purpose Bags

Our Wolf Den has been working on the Outdoor Activity Award. Part of the requirement as a wolf is to assemble the "Essentials for Going Outdoors". My brother-in-law donated the bag on the left for each of my scouts. I found the center patches at the Council Office on sale for a dime each (they're out of these cool ones though) and we made stamps of their names from foamies letters. They originally used these to put their Outdoor kit in, but they've turned into great scout bags. They put their books inside and patches on the flap and are so excited to carry them each week. My son has even been stuffing his shirt (not my idea) in it along with his belt and neckerchief, then he knows where all of his scout stuff is.
Now that I'll have more scouts coming in the next few months I decided to try and make a bag. Not as cool as the donated one and I need to make some modifications on the size, but hopefully it will make an inexpensive substitute for the cool ones. It takes only a 1/2 yard of denim or canvas and less than an hour to make. When I make a version I like I'll post instructions, but couldn't wait to share.


Bobbette said...

What a great idea...I have always thought scout leaders are resourceful people. I am interested in what you come up with. Thanks for sharing!

girlsmama said...

I can't wait to see your instructions! Great idea!

Jbro74 said...

those are so cool. It seems that cub scout leaders become bag junkies. lol. Just ask Lisa.

Vickie said...

Did you come up with the sewing instructions? I'm always looking for ideas for a thank you gift for the boys at blue and gold, I didn't get my idea done this year, but maybe next year. HA!