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Stomp Rocket

So sad that I missed Pow-Wow. We had a family trip planned since long ago. I picked up the Pow-Wow book this week and found instructions for a stomp rocket (p. 240). I wanted to share some modifications we made since my kids had such a fun time with this and it seems cheap enough to use for pack meeting or den meeting.
The jist of the plan is to use 1/2" PVC and an elbow to create the launch pad and a bottle for the "fuel". So, the instructions called for a soda pop bottle. We don't drink soda so I used a milk jug. We had to duct tape it on pretty good, but it worked great. After each "launch," I just blew through the tube to reinflate. The rockets are a piece of paper wrapped around a piece of PVC and taped together . . . loose enough to slip over the end of the launcher and tight enough to hold some air. Modification . . . instructions called for a PVC end cap on the rocket. I have tons of water bottles around and I just used the cap off of those with tape to seal off the end of the paper tube. Add fins like we did at AC, place it on the end of the launcher and stomp on the bottle.

So much fun! We could have played for hours. Can't wait to do this with my boys. I could see being able to do this inside the cultural hall during the winter since the rockets go high, but not so high and powerfully enough to do damage to anything inside (at least with the lighter-weight water-bottle caps . . . PVC end-caps could possibly do damage.)

Hope everyone's coming along on their Treaties. Can't wait to see you all in a few months!