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Arrow of Light Ideas????

Hello 2 all,

I am needing to plan an arrow of light ceremony...please help!!!! I am open to and and all ideas that have worked for you. It will be for our September pack meeting.Thanks to all in advance!!!


SoniB said...

Our cubmaster uses the same thing every month. She has built a box with 7 lights across the top (the big christmas lights size but white) and the arrow of light symbol on the front. As she reads about each day of the week, the scout screws in a light bulb to turn it on. She then has them cross a little bridge and then sign a plaque on it to show that they've moved on to 11-year-old scouts. I think the bridge has signs on it that say "bobcat", "wolf", "bear", "webelos".
I liked Robert's idea of using the theme of the month somehow to do the ceremonies . . . remember the dart and balloons.

Garrett Winn said...

I have a ceremony "template" I use that has all the cool information I've put together from other AofL ceremonies (it is about 15 pages or so), and then I just take parts from that document to make one specifically for the boy or boys that month.

Sometimes, I make it coincide with the theme, but usually I make it just Indian-themed.

My theme ones:
For the Cubs in Shining Armor Theme, I had the boys go on a "quest" where they found parts of their shield scattered around the room and then they came up to our sword in the stone (I had rented the device) that only they could pull the sword from (I let other scouts try). It was a lot of fun.

For last month's H2Ohhh theme, I has the cub decorate a water bottle with different pieces that each represented part of his arrow of light, and then I let him shoot it off.

If I had one this month, I would just stick to the Indiantype ceremony. I even had a couple men from the Order of the Arrow come for one set of AofL awards. It was awesome!

VaLayne said...

My husband dressed up in an Indian costume with the headdress that had feathers all the way to the floor. He would make them promise certain things, and put stripes on their face with halloween makeup. He would play the Arrow of Light song that the council put out years ago, and it turned out REALLY cool. We have a teepee that he would put out, and a fake fire. He also had a large metal arrow of light he made which he would hold up and explain what each ray stood for.

Julie AK24 said...

when we had an arrow of light. we had the older boys from order of the light put it on, they dressed up like indians with the headdress present the arrow to the boy that was reciving the award, then they explained the purpose of each feather then they would put the feather on the arrow. I have pictures if you would like to see them i would email them to you.

CMKathy said...

One of my favorite Scouting websites is www.usscouts.org where you can find Baloo's Bugle and lots more. I did a search at that site and found this link to MacScouter with lots of ceremony ideas. I have a friend who used to do the burning neckerchief ceremony and it was really impressive. Good Luck! Check some of these out: http://www.macscouter.com/ceremony/AOL.asp