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Water Cycle Game

Anyone know where they got the dice and stuff for the water cycle game we played?

I was telling a den leader friend at work about it, but we couldn't find anything that matched it (several that were similar) on the internet.


girlsmama said...

It's from a resource called Project WET. Gloria (Cherokee den leader) provided it. You may want to try contacting her directly. -Jessica

girlsmama said...

I found a link to a PDF! Check it out! http://www.projectwet.org/pdfs/Incredible%20Journey.pdf

girlsmama said...

The last little bit is .pdf. Gloria made all the dice according to the chart. I would recommend cutting up a 4x4 and using modge podge to adhere the pictures. They'll be heavier dice, but durable.

Sam said...

Thanks Jessica!!! I already miss you tons and it has not even been a week. I am sure glad for this support system. I get very frustrated and discourage in my hometown, but at least here I know the passion for scouting is strong. My husband is also Scoutmaster. But we have all boys. LOL!! Take care =)

Garrett Winn said...

Yes, thanks Jessica. What a great "resource" you are ;-)

That is exactly what I needed (I didn't like the idea of spending $250 to get the whole kit)