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Akela's Council Reunion Date

Hi Everyone! I just wanted to give everyone a chance to "save the date" for our AC24 reunion. We have Maple Dell reserved for March 21, 2009. I will get details to everyone later. I hope things (including Treaties) are going well for everyone. It would be really exciting to award pins to everyone at the reunion, do you think we could do that? As I have been reflecting on the many wonderful blessings I have to be thankful for I have to say that being at Akela's Council this year has to be one of the most cherished. A heartfelt THANKS to each of you for being there and adding so much to the experience.

I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving with those you love.


Need Pinewood Derby Help

I've been asked to prepare a handout/short presentation on the Pinewood Derby for roundtable in two weeks. Have any ideas or suggestions??? Do you know where to find out about tracks in Utah County (rentals, loaners, for sale)? Suggestions for running them? Stands and awards? I'm starting to dig out notes from AC, but would love other ideas and input too.

Multi-Purpose Bags

Our Wolf Den has been working on the Outdoor Activity Award. Part of the requirement as a wolf is to assemble the "Essentials for Going Outdoors". My brother-in-law donated the bag on the left for each of my scouts. I found the center patches at the Council Office on sale for a dime each (they're out of these cool ones though) and we made stamps of their names from foamies letters. They originally used these to put their Outdoor kit in, but they've turned into great scout bags. They put their books inside and patches on the flap and are so excited to carry them each week. My son has even been stuffing his shirt (not my idea) in it along with his belt and neckerchief, then he knows where all of his scout stuff is.
Now that I'll have more scouts coming in the next few months I decided to try and make a bag. Not as cool as the donated one and I need to make some modifications on the size, but hopefully it will make an inexpensive substitute for the cool ones. It takes only a 1/2 yard of denim or canvas and less than an hour to make. When I make a version I like I'll post instructions, but couldn't wait to share.


Stomp Rocket

So sad that I missed Pow-Wow. We had a family trip planned since long ago. I picked up the Pow-Wow book this week and found instructions for a stomp rocket (p. 240). I wanted to share some modifications we made since my kids had such a fun time with this and it seems cheap enough to use for pack meeting or den meeting.
The jist of the plan is to use 1/2" PVC and an elbow to create the launch pad and a bottle for the "fuel". So, the instructions called for a soda pop bottle. We don't drink soda so I used a milk jug. We had to duct tape it on pretty good, but it worked great. After each "launch," I just blew through the tube to reinflate. The rockets are a piece of paper wrapped around a piece of PVC and taped together . . . loose enough to slip over the end of the launcher and tight enough to hold some air. Modification . . . instructions called for a PVC end cap on the rocket. I have tons of water bottles around and I just used the cap off of those with tape to seal off the end of the paper tube. Add fins like we did at AC, place it on the end of the launcher and stomp on the bottle.

So much fun! We could have played for hours. Can't wait to do this with my boys. I could see being able to do this inside the cultural hall during the winter since the rockets go high, but not so high and powerfully enough to do damage to anything inside (at least with the lighter-weight water-bottle caps . . . PVC end-caps could possibly do damage.)

Hope everyone's coming along on their Treaties. Can't wait to see you all in a few months!


It's a feeling...

Hey all...Just dropping in and saying HI! I had a great time at AC24 and look forward to keeping in touch. I hope to see you at the POW WOW in Provo on October 18th! Hugs to all...


Leave No Trace

I am going to LNT Training Course in October has anyone very been to this training before. I am very excited about going because I have two boys that working on it and should earn them either in October or November and have one that already has earned his award. I have a question if any one can answer it blog it or email me the answer. We received card on LNT Pledge while we were in AC-24 I was wounder where they picked them up to give to us I've been looking for them and haven't found them yet. thanks Julie P.



Happy Fall 2 all,

If you know of any AC24 ers that cannot sign up to blog with us tell them 2 email me. I will reinvite them because it closed out the one's who did not sign up within 30 days. I am still working on completeing my treaty items. One of mine was 2 start a community pack in lil ole Delta. I have spoke with Burt Harvey-our district exec. Now I just need the Lions Club 2 have a formal meeting so I can approach them 2 be a sponsor. I have a dozen blue shirts waiting for the new arrivials when this all gets up and going. Keeping my scouting passion alive...thanks 2 all at AC24..........


Yeah! I am coming to Pow Wow

I am so excited to come to Pow Wow. I will also attend our local area one the next weekend but it is much smaller. Things have been going so well since I came to AC24. I am excited so the boys are excited. All 13 of them have been coming regularly and we have 3 earning their bear in the next two months. I finally go an asst. Den leader and just got a den chief. It pays to be sleeping with the Asst. Scoutmaster( my DH).;) I have already have presented about Akela's Council at 2 Round Table meetings. Julie and I are going to teach the Bear/Wolf Leader class at the next one.

Hope you all are still fired up and hope to see you at Pow Wow.
Paiutes -Scatter Sunshine!!!!


Pow Wow

I have not received any information about the Pow Wow on the 18th. They ar ehaving one out here on the 25th but I wanted to attend the one in Provo. Am I too late?


Hammock Time

I was just getting photos ready to send to Jessica (hint, hint, wink, wink) and found this great one of Mike trying to sneak in some hammock time.


Water Cycle Game

Anyone know where they got the dice and stuff for the water cycle game we played?

I was telling a den leader friend at work about it, but we couldn't find anything that matched it (several that were similar) on the internet.


Brooks of Experience

In the words of a great naturalist . . .
"If I cast into one side of the balance all that I have learned from the books of the library and into the other everything that I have gleaned from the 'books in the running brooks,' how surely would the latter turn the scales."
-Konrad Z. Lorenz, King Solomon's Ring
Many thanks to all those who provided many "brooks" of experience this week . . . I'm still trying to comprehend it all and I'm sure I will be applying much of it in the weeks to come. What a tremendous experience!

Arrow of Light Ideas????

Hello 2 all,

I am needing to plan an arrow of light ceremony...please help!!!! I am open to and and all ideas that have worked for you. It will be for our September pack meeting.Thanks to all in advance!!!

Sunflowers and Butterflies

No one will be able to look at a sunflower or butterfly without thinking about AC24!! I Know!

Did you notice the sunflowers on your drive home?

Thank you everyone for a fantastic week.
now its time for some much needed sleep.

That's what I'm talking about!!


Don't forget to send me your pictures! I can't wait to get them all compiled. Here's to a normal sleep filled week. Yours in scouting,


Glad y'all made it home!!!!

Just wanted a way for all of us to continue to educate one another, especially myself out here in rural utah. You are all able to post and comment to any blog...thank you all for a wonderful week, please check back often to help and learn from one another.